Below we provide a list of links leading to our partners, service providers and other useful shipping related pages.

International Maritime Organization:
Specialized agency of the United Nations working with rules and regulations for the shipping world.

Port State Control:
Inspecting ships around Europe and North America ensuring that ships measure up to the
international safety requirements. This site also provides a list of sub-standard ships.

Dataloy Distance Table:
Calculating voyages from port to port – Paid Service

Port of Oslo – Homepage

Port of Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg (Borg Havn) – Homepage

Port of Moss – Homepage

Port of Drammen – Homepage

Port of Tonsberg – Homepage

Port of Sandefjord – Homepage

Port of Larvik – Homepage

Port of Brevik and Porsgrunn – Homepage

Norsk Havneforening:
Provides a list of all major ports in Norway and contacts to the different port authorities.

UK Visa regulations:
Due to the schengen regulations we often advise that on/offsigners from outside the schengen area have
flights via London due to their 24 hour open window for connecting flights.
This since VISA’s often can be complicated to arrange on short notice (Often the case for on/offsigners).
For more information see:

Who does not need a visa?:

ILO Convention 108 and 185:

Visa policy in the European Union: